ISB product and development team has produced several generations of light curtains in compliance to industry regulatory changes and market demands and expanded the product offering to include press controls, safety relays, sensors, ergonomic buttons, safety valves and more. ISB's engineers are committed to creating high quality, innovative products, in order to ensure the safety of those operating dangerous equipment, while eliminating the use of bulky and inconvenient mechanical guards.

ISB is proud to offer a complete product line that provides its customers with a total solution for safeguarding and automating metalworking machinery.

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FlexDrill CNC is designed specifically for fabrication and machining shops, and is the largest, most affordable CNC machine on the market. Our custom open beds can be sized anywhere from 10'-80' long, perfect for machining tube or pipe. FlexDrill's machine bed sizes and machining capability is unmatched. 

Formdrill solves one of the major problems in manufacturing engineering is how to join sheet metal, tubing or thin walled profiles in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way.The Thermal Drilling System produces a bushing formed from the parent material itself. This bushing increases the area available for tapping.

FlexArm Tapping Machine will take care of prep work such as reaming, chamfering, and deburring. Tap up to 2" offline with a hydraulic system! Eliminate setup in the mill and reduce material handling. Save time and money by easily articulating a FlexArm tapping arm directly over the work piece.  



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